Last Minute Astrometry for Occultation by (90) Antiope, 2009 Feb 19 (~23:05 UT)

We got some last minute astrometry by Claudine Rinner & François Kugel, IAU A77 Dauban (50cm telescope), France Federico Manzini, IAU A12, Sozzago (40cm telescope), Italy and Raoul Behrend, data reduction, Geneva, Switzerland.

The path has shifted 22.6 km to the south compared to Steve Preston’s prediction from Feb 6 (see station maps of blog Feb 11)

These are the station maps based on this last minute prediction:
(90) Antiope, 2009 Feb 19, UPDATED Station Map WEST(90) Antiope, 2009 Feb 19, UPDATED Station Map EAST
Good luck,

Oliver Klös


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