Station Map for the Occultation by (50) Virginia at Tuesday, 2009 January 06 (~ 21:04  UT)

V-Magnitude of target star TYC 0023-01176-1: 11.7 mag
Johnson B-V Colour Index: + 0.9
The UCAC2 gives a “pseudo-R magnitude” of 11.3 mag

The max duration is expected to be 4.8 sec with a max drop of 1.7 mag.
The event will take place at an altitude of 36 deg and at azimuth 239 deg. The sun will be at an altitude of -47 deg. (At predicted centre line for longitude 0 deg)

There is a 1 sigma uncertainty interval of  ±  0.34 path widths.
The probabilities to see a positive event:

Centre line: ~  86 %
Path limits: ~  50 %
1 sigma lines:  ~ 16 %
2 sigma lines: ~ 2 %

(Calculation according to Raymond Dusser, E.A.O.N. Circular #10)

PLEASE REMEMBER: Predictions are sometimes wrong. Please observe even with a small probability.
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More information (coordinates, finder charts) at Steve Preston’s prediction:

Table of potential observing stations and cities with distance from center of predicted path (Derek C. Breit):

Map and Coordinates at the web page of  E.A.O.N. (not updated with Steve Preston’s data):

Good luck with your observation!



(50) Virginia, 2009 Jan 06, Station Map