Leiden observatory ready for Kleopatra

Hallo all,

Last evening 9 March, members of the Werkgroep Leidse Sterrewacht prepared this important observation and tested all required devices.

Finally my GPS works with the time inserter. With clouded sky we established that everything is within reach of the 170 year old 6″ refractor.

Meanwhile, others were repairing the motor drive of the 10″ and for the photographic refractor a timing with DCF has been prepared.

If everything goes well, we will measure the shade of the smallest part of Kleopatra from three domes!

Apart from that, some members will make an observation using their own location and instrument.

Hopefully, the area between Leiden and Amsterdam will be covered that way.

I am very curious to discover more about this strange elongated object!

Groeten, Wim Nobel


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