Path Prediction by Mike Kretlow

Mike Kretlow (IOTA-ES) has made his own path prediction of the occultation (216) Kleopatra. His prediction indicates a path shift about 60 km to the East (perpendicular to the path) compared to Steve Preston’s prediction. Mike has used a mean diameter of 135 km for Kleopatra.

His prediction can be found at:

Just set the „Date start“ and „Date end“ to 2015-03-12 and hit the „Sumbit“ button.

Scroll down to the table of predictions.

His own prediction is flagged with a „U“ at the end of the line. You will get details about his prediction by clicking on the date in the first column.

Different predictions are showing different path positions. Therefore it is important to observe OUTSIDE path limits and error limis too.

Oliver Klös



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