Positive from Buinerveen (NL) – about 2 sec


A certain positive occultation was seen from Buinerveen (Station : Latitude : 52° 56´ 17.84″  Longitude : 06° 52´ 44.25″ Altitude : 8 m ETRS89)

Transparancy conditions deteriorated after 1 o’clock local time, so I had difficulties locating the star at first but got it finally a few minutes before the event. Looking at the clock I had to start observing immediately, so there was no time to install and start my voice recorder. Then at the occultation my stopwatch failed to work, so, I do not have exact timings to report. The estimated duration of the occultation is estimated to be between 2 and 2,5 seconds but due to the adrenaline it produced it could be well off.

Since I was outside the predicted path, I hope this observation is of any value nevertheless.

Best regards, Henk Bulder

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