A positive visual observation at Simmerath-Rurberg (Germany) – double station – about 4.0 sec

2015 March 12th, 23:40 UT

Daniel Fischer, Roland Stoyan and Hans-Georg Purucker reporting positive visual observations with two small refraktors at Simmerath-Rurberg of about 4.0 sec. The timing was made with standard DCF-Watch.

A planned video observation was not successful.

A report can be found at:


(in German language)

Success and failure at Leiden Observatory

2015 March 12th, 22:55 UT

Last night 6 members of the Werkgroep Leidse Sterrewacht reported to join the observation of the Kleopatra event.

Since the 10″ motor drive was repaired, we decided to do the time inserted recording with the 10″. Kees and Piet would operate the Photogrphic refractor and Wim P. and Johan the Lund. I got assistance from Jet. Sander, who would also join, reported sick.

The 10″, the GPS, time inserter and Watec worked properly. However, it was hard to find the star. I did not manage to find it in time. Later, I fould out that the declination circle was not calibrated properly. Therefore, I had been looking in the wrong area. By the time I discovered that, it was too late.

So I was happily surprised that both other groups managed to find the star and to time the occultation. Also Kees managed to record a movie using a compact camera with eyepiece projection. This recording indicates a duration of 4,56 seconds, but does not contain a calibrated time signal.

At the same time, both groups did a visual timing.

Kees and Piet did a timing that is accurate to the second because of the use of the famous Jan Manek ACH-77 device. Wim and Johan have a similar visual timing, recorded on a mobile telephone. This one is slightly later and shorter because of reaction time.

Taking all data into account, I come to the following consolidated timing:

D 01:08:37,00 +/- 0,5

R 01:08:41,56 +/- 0,5

52° 9′ 18,2″ NB

4° 29′ 3.6″ OL

Many thanks to all observers, and also to Sander and Hans who helped preparing this event!

Groeten, Wim