Negative at Leeds (U.K.)


For the Kleopatra event I recorded from 5 minutes before until 5 minutes after the predicted time, to also check for Alexhelios, Cleoselene or any other companion. No big drop in magnitude was detected within this time window using 0.02s exposures.
Congratulations to everyone who recorded a positive observation and my commiserations to those who were clouded out or had technical problems.
Clear skies,
     Alex Pratt (Leeds, England)

Preliminary profile of (216) Kleopatra is available at

The ongoing profile can be followed at:
I was myself stuck in the south-west of France so I planned a try for Cleoselene. But the fog has decided differently.
Congratulations to all the observers!
Waiting for the other coming reports,
— Eric Frappa
Saint-Etienne, France