Trans-Neptunian-Object (TNO)!
D. Dunham, IOTA, wrote about this occultation:
(468861) 2013 LU28, is a Damoclid trans-Neptunian object (TNO) with a highly eccentric (0.95) retrograde (inclination 125°) orbit. It has a perihelion distance of 8.73 AU and an aphelion distance of 353 AU; it will reach perihelion around 2031. Unfortunately, the path uncertainty is much larger than the expected path width, so observers in a wide area are encouraged to try the event.
D. Souami, Lucky Star project, wrote on Aug 7:
Those who have the “best” (all being relative) conditions are the people in the UK and Ireland. The other (2nd best) option is in Germany, the Netherlands,  Belgium, North and West of France. All the people in the 1-sigma area who can technically observe this event are invited to do so. As always everyone is urged to submit their recordings and reports to our occultation portal (the best way to keep track of everyone’s involvement).
Getting one positive chord will be enough to dramatically improve the prediction for the November 26th event in the US.


Last update: 2023 Aug 07,
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